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Workplace Injuries / Workers Compensation

Workplace accidents can have devastating effects on the lives of injured workers and their families. Not only does the worker suffer physical injury, but the financial toll can oftentimes be life altering. Unfortunately, the Workers’ Compensation insurance company and the employer look out for their own best interests and not the interests of the injured worker.

It is critically important to understand both your rights and your responsibilities when a Workers’ Compensation case presents itself. Claims usually must be filed within 3 years. Once filed, it is typical for the insurance company to deny the claim. Otherwise the employer will accept the claim initially but later will try to terminate it.

Do not try to navigate the complicated process of Workers’ Compensation on your own. I can help you obtain and keep your Work Comp Benefits, so that your injuries are treated, your medical bills are paid, and you receive the weekly compensation payments you deserve. In many cases, we can negotiate a lump sum settlement for your benefit.

Workers’ Compensation clients pay no fee unless and until we secure benefits on your behalf. Any fee charged must be first approved by a Workers’ Compensation judge.