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Trip and Falls / Premises Liability

In my 24 years of practice, I have handled many different types of fall cases. In the past few years for example, I've resolved:

  • A case against a major Department store for a fall on water resulting in a fractured hip
  • A case against a local skating rink for supplying a defective roller skate to a minor causing a fractured wrist
  • A case against a homeowner for failing to maintain a defective sidewalk which resulted in a fractured hip
  • A case against a local municipality for allowing a dangerous icy condition to exist on its sidewalk resulting in a brain injury

In each of these cases, the insurance company for the responsible party initially refused to accept any fault. Commonly, the insurance companies in these cases try to blame the injured party by saying, “You should have been watching where you were going.”

But in each instance mentioned above, we were able to establish the liability and obtain a substantial monetary recovery for our client.

Trip and fall cases require a special expertise. I have handled many of these types of cases and know how to present the case to the insurance company in a way that maximizes the outcome for the client.