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Mediation and Arbitration Services

In 2015, I started NEPA Mediation and Arbitration. After having practiced law in Northeastern Pennsylvania for over 15 years, it was clear to me that our legal community lacked a sufficient number of mediators and arbitrators who truly understand the landscape of personal injury litigation in Pennsylvania. Having initially worked as an insurance defense attorney near Pittsburgh early in my career, and then later practicing as a personal injury lawyer in Northeastern Pennsylvania for over 20 years, I understand how both sides in litigation analyze cases.

I firmly believe that alternative dispute resolution is the most cost and time efficient way to resolve a personal injury case, from the perspective of both the plaintiff and the defendant. I have utilized the ADR process in my practice since I became a lawyer. I find it to be an effective and essential tool which has benefitted many of my clients.

If you are a personal injury lawyer representing an accident victim, or a defense lawyer who has an insurance company as a client, I'm available to help you resolve your litigation or pre litigation disputes.