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Vehicle Accidents

A vehicle accident can be a life changing event. Sometimes the effects last for only days or weeks. But frequently, accidents affect the lives of both the victim and their family members for years, or even a lifetime.

Once an accident occurs, nobody can go back and undo it. However, by hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer, you can protect your right to obtain compensation for your injuries, lost wages , medical bills and property loss.

At Wassel Law Office, we know that insurance companies do not have your best interests in mind. Dealing with car insurance companies can be a difficult complicated and frustrating process . That's why it is absolutely critical that you choose a lawyer who will fight the insurance companies at every turn, so that your important rights are protected. We will vigorously fight for maximum compensation for you or your family member. Sometimes that comes in the form of his settlement. But other times it may require a lawsuit or even a trial. Whatever the needs of the case, I have the experience, resources and skill to achieve a favorable outcome for your vehicle accident case.

Whether you were injured by a tractor trailer, a car, a motorcycle, an ATV or even a bicycle, please call me for a free consultation. I would be honored to represent you or your family member if you have such a case.