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A "Hands On" Approach to Personal Injury Cases

When you are hiring a lawyer, isn't it reasonable to expect that you will actually get to talk to a lawyer? At Wassel Law Office, if you call, email or even text, you get a lawyer. Not a secretary or paralegal (although we have those too!). No, you get a lawyer.

And with over 20 years of personal injury experience here in Northeastern Pennsylvania, you get a lawyer who understands how to best represent your interests here in our local communities. A Philadelphia lawyer cannot make that same promise.

At Wassel Law Office we are guided by one principle: Even though each personal injury claim is different, every client deserves the same high level of attention, care and concern from their attorney. It does not matter if you have the largest case or the smallest. Every client is important to us equally. We deliver on that promise every day.

I take pride in saying that I take care of the needs of my clients. Every day, in every way. My goal is that when a case concludes, the client walks away happy with the outcome, and with the knowledge that I worked as hard as I possibly could to achieve that result. Read the client testimonials section of this website, and you will see why clients, in their own words, have been so satisfied.